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    Tiiru 5 real estate offers vast views to the sea from south and southwest, which is also considered by the large-scale solution of the building. There are 8 apartments on standard floor of the building, including guest apartments, which have balconies, terraces or French balconies. The building will be built on pile foundation and monolithic concrete pile footing. The base structure of the building is a prefabricated reinforced concrete frame. The loadbearing walls, stiff walls, walls of the hallways and the elevator shaft are made of assembled reinforced concrete elements. The external walls are assembled from three-layer concrete panels (insulated with 200 mm mineral wool), decorated with paint. Windows and balcony doors of the apartments are in wooden aluminium frame, seaside apartments have sliding doors. The windows facing south and west are made of sun protection glass. Balcony boundary glasses (height of the boundary 1,1 m) is casted and laminated, comes in white color.

    The decoration of the building is also based on the image of summer capital Pärnu – white exterior walls, airspace from balconies with glass doors facing the sea. The house has one staircase and a lift. Every apartment has its own storage room (included in the price of the apartment). The resident’s parking spaces are located in closed parking lot (paid, sold separately) with 42 parking places (including separate places for charging electric cars and places to connect to the car for preheating). The parking places for guests are located on Tiiru Street.

    The apartment building is connected to city networks and central heating comes from district heating network. The apartments have space-based (LCD-screen thermostats) water heating, including in humid rooms. Ventilation is a preheated forced ventilation with heat recovery; the aggregates are placed in every apartment. The apartments located on V-VII floor, have conditions for installing conditioner. The building’s energy label is B. Sockets, switches and low current are fitted according to the electrical design or, if possible, special requests. The apartments have TV and network cable socket in each living room. A high-quality internet connection is provided by the internal fibre optic cable network (UTP Cat6e), which is needed both for the future, 10 x faster internet connection comparing to the internet connection of today and impeccable HD smart TV. The house has secure passage systems and video surveillance.


    The interior decoration of apartments in Valgre residential district is performed from high quality materials from our entrusted partners. The main solutions of the interior decoration of the apartments have been completed with the help of an interior designer. For more information about the interior decoration materials and options, please turn to brokers. As an innovative option, it is already possible to get acquainted with the interior decoration materials, how they are going to look like in reality - for the best client experience, several apartments have already been built in Valgre residential district office.